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The Bible in breton language

  • Aviel Jezuz-Krist

The four gospels, translated into Breton by the « Kenvreuriez ar brezoneg » Eskopti Kemper ha Leon (Confraternity of the Breton language, a group of Breton-speaking priests from the diocese) under the supervision of Mgr Visant Favé, former auxiliary bishop of the diocese and a breton writer.
This translation for liturgical and pastoral purposes, written in simple but elegant Breton, with no elaborate words, was edited by Editions « Ar Skol dre Lizer ». It is now sold out but is available on the internet :
–    Aviel hervez sant Vaze
–    Aviel hervez sant Mark
–    Aviel hervez sant Lukaz
–    Aviel hervez sant Yann

  • An Testamant Nevez (eil lodenn)

The New Testament (second part) translated and edited by the « Kenvreuriez ar brezoneg » in 1988, also with a liturgical and pastoral aim. It can be ordered from the Evêché of Quimper, for 10 €, postage included. It is also available on the internet.

  • An Testamant Nevez

Kelou Mad Jezuz, or Zalver (« The New Testament. Good News from Jesus our Saviour ») translated from Greek into Breton by Pierre Guichou. Edited by the spiritual centre Minihi Levenez in 2002.
A more scientific translation, still available from the Editions Minihi Levenez.
It is also available on the internet (pdf).

  • Ar Zalmou

(the Psalms), from the prayer book Pedenn an deiz (“daily prayer” in Breton), edited by the spiritual centre Minihi Levenez in 1988. Available on the internet.

  • Testamant Nevez

(New Testament), 2 volumes, translated into Breton under the supervision of Maodez Glanndour. Editions Al Liamm, Lannion (1969-1971). Sold out.

  • Testamant Kozh

(Old Testament), 5 volumes, translated from Hebrew into Breton by Pierre Le Gall and Job Lec’hvien. Editions An Tour-Tan (1980-1986).

  • Testamant Koz

Bibl santel pe levr ar skritur sakr, translated into Breton by Jean-François Le Gonidec from the « Biblia sacra vulgatae ». Saint-Brieuc, 1866, 3 volumes, available on the internet :
Tome I volume I
Tome I volume II
Tome II